Microwave Hacks for Daily Life #infographic

Microwave Hacks for Daily Life #infographic

Ever since the microwave was invented, home cooks who are short on time have been saving. The microwave is one of the hardest-working kitchen appliances, whether it is reheating leftovers or heating up water for tea. However, it is no longer enough to steam up prepared food; the microwave is also a flexible method that can be used in unexpected ways. 


Several shortcuts to your food preparation routine will be offered by the microwave hacks listed in this info-graphic.Knowing how to use your food preparation microwave will save you time and help you make the most of your food. When juicing a citrus fruit, consider sticking it for the first time in the microwave for 20 seconds to soften it a little. This will produce the most juice for you without your muscles needing to be stressed! Or, prior to cooking, microwave the garlic or tomatoes to make them easier to peel.

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Microwave Hacks for Daily Life #infographic #Microwave Hacks #Microwave #infographics #Daily Life

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