Kids and Technology Survey #infographic

Kids and Technology Survey #infographic

For kids the nineties were a simpler time. Children clutched teddy bears, sport was their favorite hobby and their work schedule and sleep was the only obstacle to spending time with a parent. From then on the planet has become an almost unrecognizable location. The advent of technology has had a dramatic influence on modern day kids who grow up cuddling iPads, playing sport on the PlayStation instead of outside, and are also known to spend time over peers and parents with their electronic devices.

However, parents are also realizing, according to the Real Insurance Australian Kids and Technology survey, the tremendous benefits that technology can have for their children and teens. What is of course crucial is that, regardless of the benefits and drawbacks of using technology, 92.9 percent of parents believe that there must be a balance between digital and physical play and interaction.

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Kids and Technology Survey #infographic

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