9 Workplace Electrical Safety Tips #infographic

9 Workplace Electrical Safety Tips #infographic

Electricity is a requirement for everyday life to operate effectively, whether at home or at work. It is a great energy source that gives power to equipment , machinery, lamps, instruments and many other things that are used on a daily basis. In the workplace, you need to have healthy and usable energy, so you can run efficiently and allow your employees to generate the most.

In terms of electricity, we're going to show you what you need to do to stay healthy at work.

Make sure that the electrical equipment isn't installed in an unsafe environment, such as One that is damp or humid or that's exposed to flammable gases, liquids, etc.

Make sure that the existing and safety technologies are working properly and that they are not exploited.

Make sure that there are no flaws in the electrical device's power cord or connector.

Make sure there is an emergency shut-off switch on the electrical equipment and make sure you know where it is before you use it.

To manage or run it, make sure that there is enough room around the circuit or the electrical equipment.

Before operating or using any electrical equipment, employees remove any metal jewelry or accessories before using it.

Make sure all electrical devices are de-energized until they are checked or repaired.

A secure workplace is vital and ensuring that you have the right safety protocols and policies for things such as working at heights, CPR first aid, confined space entry, as well as things such as WHMIS-GHS, will build a healthy and efficient excellent work climate.

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9 Workplace Electrical Safety Tips #infographic

infographic by: indigoelectrical.co.uk

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