7 Ways Yoga Melts Fat & Tones #infographic

7 Ways Yoga Melts Fat & Tones #infographic

The most challenging part of weight loss and healthy living is also learning to eat well. As Americans, many of us usually have meals consisting of meat, grains, and a small helping of something green. We still feel like we're fish out of water when we're forced to compare our diets.

Many people assume that if you exercise enough, you can eat whatever you want without gaining weight. This is certainly true if you lift a lot of heavy weights regularly or if you're a distance runner, but being slim doesn't necessarily mean you're healthy. Someone eating a varied diet with no exercise could very well have better health than someone who eats fast food and exercises all the time regularly.

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7 Ways Yoga Melts Fat & Tones #infographic

infographic by: yogadigest.com

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