IGTV DOs and DONTs 2020 #infographiv

IGTV DOs and DONTs 2020 #infographiv

Instagram launched its very own on-demand video service IGTV two years ago. The feature has now developed into a core part of the app after a bit of a tentative start, and is also becoming increasingly interesting for brands. Our new infographic sums up key facts and functions.

IGTV allows for completely new ways of addressing existing followers. While it would take a lot of time and effort to set up a new profile on a separate video sharing platform, IGTV provides a more intensive and diverse interaction with an already existing Instagram audience. In fact, IGTV 's emphasis lies predominantly on innovation, rather than professionalism.

A good IGTV video, unlike professional advertisements or short ads, needs neither fancy equipment nor cinematographic talent-an idea and a smartphone are enough. In other words, any marketer can easily create content that drives interaction and gets new followers hooked, preferably.

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IGTV DOs and DONTs 2020 #infographiv

infographic by: squarelovin.com

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