Benefits Of LEDs #infographic

 Benefits Of LEDs #infographic

We 're all conscious that LEDs are fantastic. Infinitely better than conventional halogen or incandescent lightbulbs for the environment, LED lightbulbs are now ubiquitous in homes and businesses across the country.Yet aside from understanding that the LED bulbs are great for the climate, are you really aware of their benefits? If 'no' is the answer, then you're lucky!

Here at BLT Direct, we are committed to contributing to a world that is more environmentally friendly, and as such, we know that lightbulbs play a big part of that. So, we made this snazzy infographic to help you appreciate the practical advantages of LED lightbulbs!

Long Life, With certain LEDs, their long life stands out as a number one advantage with homeowners and companies, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. No more continuously changing bulbs in light fittings, and when a lamp bursts, tripping the battery.

Energy Efficiency, LED lightbulbs have an average energy efficiency of between 80 and 90 per cent compared to traditional light bulbs as the most effective way to light up a room.

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 Benefits Of LEDs #infographic

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