5 Ways to Fix Sun Damaged Skin #infographic

5 Ways to Fix Sun Damaged Skin #infographic

It's Summer out and Autumn's in. But even though the season has already shifted, if you are still guilty of spending too much time under the heat, don't worry anymore. There are ways to help sun-induced skin damage avoid or even reverse.Sun damage is caused by frequent or excessive exposure to sun which can lead to severe skin conditions.

The effects build up over time and you should be wise enough to adhere to a year-round sun protection regime.While there are people who started late in giving ample sun protection to their skin, there is still hope. Here's an infographic showing you what repairs you need.

A day without ample sun protection in the sun can lead to damage to the skin. And while it does not show outright impact, you can anticipate surface damage years later. This is due to UV radiation that causes a change in the actual DNA makeup of the skin cells.

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5 Ways to Fix Sun Damaged Skin #infographic

infographic by: www.alyaka.com

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