10 Types of Innovation #infographic

10 Types of Innovation #infographic

It's true that any company needs to be out there competing for market share, but you don't ever want to be in a situation where the rivalry is so intense that the cycle erodes any possible upside  a scenario known as ideal economic competition.

Companies must aim to create an economic moat to escape ideal competition that gives them a sustainable competitive advantage over time. While these protective moats may originate from a number of different sources, they most often come from the power of innovation in today's information economy.

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Yet where does creativity come from, and can there be a common structure that can be implemented to help make major breakthroughs consistently? In today's infographic, we illustrate the culmination of years of in-depth Doblin analysis, an innovation-focused business now owned by Deloitte.After studying more than 2,000 business advances throughout history, Doblin discovered that most breakthroughs do not actually arise from developments in engineering or unusual discoveries.

10 Types of Innovation #infographic

infographic by: www.visualcapitalist.com

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