Would You Hire This Robot? #infographic

Would You Hire This Robot? #infographic

Would you hire a robot for this? Marketing had been a major obstacle for SMBs in the not-so-distant past. And the original marketing automation platforms weren't helping to make things worse. They were costly, confusing and tough to implement.All that has changed now, in 2016.

Marketing automation is increasingly having a huge impact on companies of all sizes and there is evidence to support that. It is a staggering fact, for example, that 79 percent of companies have been using marketing automation for over two years now.

Agile CRM is proud to be an integral part of the SMB marketing automation revolution. Our new infographic tells the story of marketing automation evolution, from a clunky old robot to the next-gen sales-and-marketing assistant you've always dreamed about. It's a tale worth sharing.

Would You Hire This Robot? #infographic

infographic by: www.agilecrm.com

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