What you need to know about TOR #infographic

What you need to know about TOR #infographic

The metaphor of the iceberg may be overused but it is the best one we have. The internet that we usually surf is just the tip, and vast quantities of data are stored below the surface.The Deep web is 500 times larger than Google's and Facebook's standard old website.

It's where all secure and authenticated data goes-like banking information, usernames and passwords, transactional data. The Dark Web is a subset of the Deep Web. The most scary part of the internet, it's the thieves, assassins, drug dealers and all other forms of villains and criminals communicating. They rely on the anonymity of the Deep Web.

So, what if you wanted to see what is going on in the Internet's dark corridors, just out of curiosity? What's the top-end scuba gear and oxygen mask you need to take a deep dive?It's simple – you'll just install TOR (The Onion Router) and in no time you'll be able to cruise the hidden traffic beneath the surface.We've created an info-graphic that explains easily and succinctly everything you need to know about how TOR operates, how it can be built and used. For whatever it takes you.

What you need to know about TOR #infographic

infographic by: dataprot.net

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