Get to Know COVID-19 #infographic

Get to Know COVID-19 #infographic

If you are reading this, you are probably no stranger to the coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020.The newly discovered Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) shuts down towns around the world. Throughout the world, doctors, health experts and researchers are struggling to track, understand and contain the virus thought to have originated in Wuhan , China.

Yet in the midst of all the hysteria, news stories and blabbery of social media, it's easy to lose sight of the truths that are genuinely important to us all to remember.Continue scrolling to view our interactive COVID-19 info-graphic which includes live data showing how the disease affects people around the globe.

The best you can do is practice good hygiene, and frequently wash your hands. Ensure sure each wash lasts about 20 seconds to ensure that the germs are fully removed.WHO recommends the use of soap and water, but if this is not readily available, a good quality hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol can also be used.

Stay home, avoid public gatherings and attempt to minimize contact with sick people.Make sure that you communicate the importance of social distancing to others, so that you do not go around offending anyone you care about.

Get to Know COVID-19 #infographic

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