61 Women In Tech Speak Up #infographic

61 Women In Tech Speak Up #infographic

Women in tech are underrepresented – and there is still more research to be done, despite more debate around the subject.Currently , women hold less computer positions than they did 25 years ago. And, according to McKinsey & Company, women of color are faring worse.

It is despite tech companies' efforts to recruit more female candidates, retain their female workers longer and build opportunities for those workers to move forward.

Don't be afraid to ask the difficult questions about organizational culture and leadership, both present and past, while you're job-searching. Often both can give you a good indication of whether the company has progressive attitudes to breaking women (and non-binary folks)-related stigmas in tech. Second, be ready to stand a much higher standard than the men around you. This is a lamentable fact. My last suggestion is to make room for other women / NB people to come with you in the industry. There is ample space for all under-represented groups to make a significant impact in our country.

61 Women In Tech Speak Up #infographic

infographic by: venngage.com

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