6 facts about senior scams #infographic

6 facts about senior scams #infographic

Seniors fall victim to scams in Naples, and around the world. Seniors are also targets of scammers, from financial scams to love scams. Remember that the financial gain of 20 per cent of seniors has been abused. That is a million in number. Knowing what these scams mean will help you and your loved ones remain safe and protected.

* Twenty per cent of Americans over 65 have been taken advantage of financially.

* The Orlando Sentinel points out that every year, elderly people lose out to scammers on about $3 billion.

* The abuse of money, properties or assets of an older person — are between the ages of 80 and 89, and live alone.

* Since 2014 cybercrimes targeting older adults have risen five-fold, causing more than $650 million  in damages each year.

* More than 21,000 people were conned into sending $143 million in online romance scams over    social media or dating apps in 2018 alone.

* Debit card scams make up 32.9 per cent of cases involving elder fraud.

6 facts about senior scams #infographic

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