Mobile App User Engagement #Infographic

Mobile App User Engagement #Infographic

Mobile device engagement is the measure that offers a insight into an application 's performance. It describes the intensity of activity on an application. It tracks, in more basic terms, the frequency of any user being active on a specific application.

Over the last two years, the Android ecosystem has expanded enormously, with more than a million installs every month. The recorded growth rate is 35% since last year. Presently, there are two billion monthly active Android devices adding on to the engagement.

Speaking of the iOS, it's been a long way since 2008. Tom Cook reported 500 million weekly visitors to the App Store in 2018; even with a greater number of developers and apps, Android remains the market leader in this segment.

The infographic offers readers with little interest to Push alerts, In-app messaging, SMS, E-mail and goes on to demonstrate the benefit of successfully integrating mobile device user interaction in a few beautifully illustrated steps.

Mobile App User Engagement #Infographic

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