Linkedin Launch Stories on the Website #Article

Linkedin Launch Stories on the Website #Article
HomevSocial MediavLinkedon the Stories # Article introduction sitevLinkedin to add stories # Article on the WebsitevvMarch 17, 2020: Sheraz MalikvLinkedin to add stories # Article on the WebsitevAlso, LinkedIn wanted to transfer stories to other social media sites which would be made accessible to users in a limited time.

LinkedIn's Pete Davis explained the new feature in detail: "We have already learned so much about the unique possibilities of stories in a professional context. The Stories format layout, for example, is perfect for sharing key moments from work events, and the full-screen narrative style makes it easy to share tips and tricks that help us work smarter.

We have also seen a whole generation growing up with Stories as a way of speaking; they 're more comfortable beginning conversations with an ephemeral full-screen format than sharing information and preferring to exchange content that lives as a moment in time rather than as an object in a stream.

LinkedIn also published Stories back in 2018, simply named "Student Voices" for university students, that they would like to communicate with others. And as stories are through youth communication tools, it seemed to be the right option and would help move the platform towards greater engagement.

Since LinkedIn launched stories for university students, it had revealed early performing stories for all, but we don't know what they would look like so far.The question arises as to whether or not Stories will be suitable for LinkedIn, which would make a positive improvement. Criticism is always coming in, but let's not forget that it has already been criticized by Insta Stories, so they obviously made it big and the same goes for Facebook Stories too.

LinkedIn says not everyone wants the latest features but it makes sense to add them to LinkedIn because the younger generation is inclined to this feature on other pages.So while every big social networking site seems to mimic each other in this way, it seems to be a reasonable step, because it is becoming more and more popular with more people. We'll have to wait for LinkedIn, to see if it adds up to the network.
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