Be safe: Use a VPN #infographic

Be safe: Use a VPN #infographic

What places you visit during the wee hours of the evening should only be your company and your company. Not the ones of your Internet service provider, not those of the police, or some other eavesdropping nosey parker.You don't even need to conceal anything obscene or shameful – privacy is a matter of principle.

Unfortunately, people who track your internet traffic and learn more about you than you would like to think miss out on this human right.This is where a private virtual network (VPN) comes in. It is a layer of opacity between your browsing and the rest of the world. A VPN works by rerouting your link and encrypting it before sending to the site you wanted to visit.

Say you 're on a business trip to China, where the censorship is real and there's no Netflix available. You'll not miss the latest episode of The Witcher with a VPN subscription on your laptop!But what kind of VPNs do they have? Are there any threats to freeing VPNs? Do encrypted data stay secret?

Be safe: Use a VPN #infographic

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