What does being a Guarantor mean? #infograahic

What does being a Guarantor mean? #infograahic

Being a guarantor on a TFS loan helps someone close to you who fails to secure a loan from their high street bank or other online lender to access a Guarantor Loan. When they can not apply for a loan or a credit card, this is mostly because of their credit record. Often younger people who have no credit history, or people who have a bad credit history as a result of a past problem, can find it very difficult to access other forms of credit, so a Guarantee Loan may be their only choice.

Everything we are doing with TFS Loans are specialists with Guarantor Loan. Guarantor Loans are "what we do" and we were one of Britain's first providers. We are also the only issuer of the Guarantor Loan in the UK that lends up to £ 15,000. By providing guarantor loans, it ensures credit can be accessed for those who have no other financial lending options – when they really need it. Perhaps, they save for their wedding day or even need a new car. As a TFS guarantor loan is a personal loan, it can be used by the borrower for almost anything-as long as it is legal.

Your Responsibility As a loan guarantor, you are going to register and agree that if the borrower is unable to make any repayments on the loan, you are going to cover their expenses. TFS can contact the borrower's guarantor only if the Borrower is unable to fulfill their loan's monthly repayment. For anybody, a friend or family member, a relative or even a client, you may be a guarantor.

What does being a Guarantor mean? #infograahic
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