What Are People Searching For? #infographic

What Are People Searching For? #infographic

The Word of God talks to people all over the world very differently. In a number of passages they find inspiration, motivation and admonition, depending on place, situation, religious history and community. Through the Internet (and thanks to our friends at www. BibleGateway.org), we're now able to get a glimpse of the scriptures people most often check out. Taking a moment to read this infographic and understand how it might have an effect on your outreach in those countries.

Personal Reflection: What shocked you as you looked at some of the top verses searched in the ten largest countries? What list of countries will most closely align with your own preferences? How does the importance of Psalm 23 tell you? If you are ministering in one of these countries or praying for that country, take the time to read the scriptures they are most looking for and ask God to give you more insight into the people and their thirst for reality.

Engaging the Church Do you help your Church empathize with and communicate with the people of that country as you seek to engage your Church in your own country or another nation that you are seeking to serve? One perfect way to do this is to read the passages that are most searched there online. How do you show your Church to China, Indonesia or Russia's seeking heart? What will this do for the heart and dream of the people of this country? Give it a try and share with the Missiographics community what happens.

Organizational Application How do you use the details about their top scripture searches while planning and executing your mission activities as your company reaches out in these, the ten most populated countries? Remember the countries that have only the Old Testament Scriptures in their top five, and ask your team how the Old Testament can be incorporated into your ministry. What about the meaning of the Psalms ... how do the Psalms really open up new ways to express Truth? Consider also opening some discussion about these search statistics between global partners. Do they see exactly the same thing on the ground? What are big trends?

What Are People Searching For? #infographic

infographic by: www.gmi.org
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