True Cost of Lice Infestation #infographic

True Cost of Lice Infestation #infographic

What is the real cost of an infestation of the head lice in your home? Remember first the time it takes to fight your own lice infestation. Not only are hair treatments, continuous combing and picking and delousing time-consuming homes, but they are also unsuccessful and must be repeated for months at a time. It's also very difficult to combat a lice infestation on your own.

When you weigh the expense of unsuccessful drugstore medications, followed by costly prescription narcotics, household substitute products, and income lost from missed working days, you're looking at spending over $800 – with no assurance that the infestation will be gone at this point! Many costs of battling your own lice infestation include exposing you and your family to toxic chemicals and pesticides, heat, anxiety and sleep deprivation.

True Cost of Lice Infestation #infographic
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