The power of Forgiveness #infographic

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Forgiveness is a pillar of Christian belief. We understand that Christ died to receive forgiveness and we understand that we are called to forgive others. But often we may not completely appreciate the importance and power of true forgiveness due to a lack of understanding, or feelings of bitterness that we haven't dealt with.

Before I knew God I would have grudges like this. Especially if I've felt treated myself or others unfairly. Yet when I was rescued it all improved, including my desire to let go of offences, and to forgive more readily. If we realize the importance of an ideal God recognizing each of our horrible, selfish, even awful deeds and thoughts, and yet choosing to love and forgive us, it is so much easier to display compassion and mercy for others. Because when you understand God your outlook and your way of seeing life shifts.

Every issue, issue, frustration and offense appear to hold no weight in the light of eternity. It's hard to bear a grudge when you interact regularly with the One who gave His son for you. "Thank you, Lord, for everlasting life and liberty, but I can not only forgive my sister for refusing to watch my children." So if April, my old college friend reads this, I forgive you without asking to ruin half my wardrobe ... And I'm sorry to be hiding your car keys that moment. Great on both occasions.

The power of Forgiveness #infographic

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