30 Noodle Dishes from Around the World #infographic

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The noodle is an ancient foodstuff, one that is found in many different cuisines around the world. But how many noodle dishes have you actually tried?This infographic from the team over at Sweettooth Design helpfully details 30 different noodle dishes from around the world, from the better known, such as ramen, pasta dishes and pho, to some that are maybe not as internatonal yet.

The infographic was part designed by Fanny Chu of the Japanese Foodie blog, who you may remember put together this guide to 42 different types of ramen.It should be a life goal to try every noodle dish on this list, but there any that you think should be included that aren't?

30 Noodle Dishes from Around the World #infographic

infographic by: www.finedininglovers.com
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