Week by Week Guide to Twin Pregnancy #infographic

Week by Week Guide to Twin Pregnancy #infographic

SRC Health wrote this report on May 5, 2018. Pregnancy is a gift, particularly if you've attempted it for some time. If you've made a wish and two have come true, then plan for a journey unlike any other. From the time of conception to the day you carry your twins into the world you must be prepared with all the necessary information.

This infographic provides all you need to know about your pregnancy with twins. This covers changes that your body can undergo, the difference between a singleton vs. twin or multiple pregnancy, advice on how to treat the symptoms that may be worse than you thought, and a week-by-week progression of your child.

To better manage your expectations and give you a sense of relief that you are not alone on this trip, you can refer to this infographic for advice about the risks of carrying twins. Each pregnancy and every woman is different, of course, but the majority of women pregnant with twins go through the same ordeal. This is to remind you that anything you do is natural. As long as your midwife or doctor closely watches you, the twins do well even if you don't.

Week by Week Guide to Twin Pregnancy #infographic

infographic by: www.srchealth.com
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