The Varying Impact of the Coronavirus #infographic

The Varying Impact of the Coronavirus #infographic

COVID-19 Martin Armstrong's Varying Effect of Coronavirus, Mar 19, 2020 As the COVID-19 coronavirus expands its grasp on the planet, research rises and more cases run their course, we will begin to have a more precise image of its effects on human life. A true death rate is not yet understood and looking at Johns Hopkins University's most recent data the difference between the most affected countries shows the difficulty of the situation.

Where the most sick people are, the proportion of cases that have led to death in mainland China is actually 4.0 per cent. Like in all nations, the number of cases unreported-for example due to mild or no symptoms- May be strong, resulting in a smaller proportion of overall death-end incidents. To date, the highest proportion of cases resulting in death among the most affected countries is the center of the European epidemic, Italy (8.3 per cent).

Although China's number of new cases has slowed dramatically, Europe's rate of increase is rapid and this share will grow accordingly in the coming weeks. The prognosis for COVID-19 patients, according to health experts, primarily depends on whether the infected person already suffers from prior diseases such as heart, circulatory or lung diseases. The risk of a catastrophic outcome is even higher for these patients.

The Varying Impact of the Coronavirus #infographic

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