How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes #infographic

 How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes #infographic

It's normal to think about how to avoid obsessing about your mistakes. Indeed, concern is an evolutionary trait, but learning from your mistakes doesn't help you avoid them again. It's how kids learn not to touch hot stuff-and how our ancestors learned not to pet the crocodiles! However when it becomes an addiction to ponder or think about your mistakes, it stops being a coping aid, and may even become harmful.

Part of the problem is that our brains prefer to use 'down-time' to handle such errors. When your mind has little else to do, it's reflecting on the past, and particularly on those moments you'll profit from knowing. But that is a complicated device for your body. People whose minds continue to loop again and again around the same error are at higher risk of eating disorders, depression and heart disease.

One way out of that mentality to jolt yourself is to give your mind something else. Get a scenery change, or at least a 'inner landscape' change. Going for a stroll, talking or getting lost in a new job can all help to eradicate the voice inside. But sometimes it takes longer than a few quiet minutes to obsess. Letting go just occasionally seems difficult. A more oriented attempt to solve the underlying problem in this case can help. Seek to write down a step-by-step plan to correct your mistake, stop doing it in the future or start the next project.

 How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes #infographic
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