How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster #infographic

How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster  #infographic

Mother nature has different ways and it often reveals that it's violent side. The united states are no strangers to deadly natural catastrophes. The US has experienced multiple severe natural disasters, from churning gulf coastal hurricanes to trailer-tossing tornado alley floods, to California's ground-busting quakes. The great 1900 Galveston hurricane smashed into the Gulf Coast causing a 16-foot storm surge that almost wiped the island off the map and it's 37,000 people. Keeping going,

 The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire ravaged and destroyed the town in 1906. Northern California Population of 450,000 for approximately one minute It was rocked by an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude which ripped a 296-mile fissure along the fault of San Andreas. Thousands of fires were burned in the city caused by damaged gas lines. For three days, the fires raged, consuming nearly 500 blocks area.

The country has also been struck by the notorious The Johnstown Flood. A 40-foot high, half-mile-wide water and debris wall was crashing down upon Johnstown's Appalachian city. 1600 homes were flattened and swept away in minutes, and 2209 people were killed including 99 entire families. The cause of the flood was a dam containing 20 million tons of water in Lake Conemaugh that had collapsed.

How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster  #infographic

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