Household Water Conservation #infographic

Household Water Conservation #infographic

Water is essential to human, plant, and animal survival, as it powers activities such as irrigation, farming, and development. These activities can not start without water, and life on earth as we know it is grinding to a permanent halt. The earth is water of three-fourths, but just 1 per cent of that volume can be used to drink. The number is alarmingly small on its own, but the amount of water a person uses to manufacture objects, perform services or perform everyday tasks is more concerning.

The total water footprint of a US resident is 2,842 cubic meters of water annually, according to a UNESCO study from 2011. So if we recognize the risks of climate change, pollution, so reckless use of water, it's possible that the number will increase. Water is the source of life, and if we are to ensure the continuity of our lives, we must take steps to meet today's everyday needs in such a way that it does not jeopardize future generations ' survival.

Water use and pollution have profound, permanent, and far-reaching consequences that will inevitably be felt in every household if we don't make a concerted effort to preserve our dwindling resources. The chart below shows us the difference between the amount of water we have, and how much water and waste we need. Waiting for the day when the world is the actual setting for a real-life dystopia, and battling our way to get water?

Household Water Conservation #infographic

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