Hold the Salt #infographic

Hold the Salt #infographic
In our food landscape a lot of Americans are fed up with high sodium. Why did you get fed up? See for yourself with the latest findings from the customer survey. Americans want Salt To Break Up 78 per cent of parents want less sodium in processed foods 74 per cent of Americans want less sodium in packaged foods 72 per cent of Americans want less sodium in restaurant foods.

 62 percent of customers agree that the government should be active in setting sodium levels for food companies and restaurants. Eighty-five per cent of people support measures that further raising sodium in food served in school cafés. Fortunately, they have science at their hand.

The overwhelming majority of the research support the sodium reduction criterion. And the tiny number of studies that do not support reduction in sodium have dubious methodologies. Currently, the sodium consumption of Americans comes from: processed foods and restaurants – more than 70% Naturally occurring – 14% Added while cooking – 6% Added while consuming – 5% And they are able to take charge. The survey showed that 60 per cent (3 out of 5) respondents want more control over the amount of sodium they purchase in the grocery store and in a restaurant. Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of Americans tried to reduce their sodium intake.

Hold the Salt #infographic

infographic by: www.heart.org
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