Cut Out Added Sugars #infographic

Cut Out Added Sugars #infographic

Cut Out Added Sugars Added sugars when refined or prepared are sugars that are added to foods and beverages. Too much consumption will harm your health, and even shorten your life. The American Heart Association has suggested daily limit for added sugars: men— 9 teaspoons/36 grams/150 calories OR LESS Women and children aged 2 + — 6 teaspoons/25 grams/100 calories OR LESS (children under 2 do not eat any added sugars)

Where to watch for added sugars: Sugary beverages: powdered milk, sports & energy drinks, soda & soft drinks, coffee & tea, juice & fruit drinks Sweetened breakfasts: snacks & energy bars, granola & muesli, hot & cold cereals, yoghurts, smoothies Syrups and sweets: syrups, honey & molasses, jelly, jam & spreads, beverage mixes, chocolate Frozen treats: ice cream & gelato, frozen popcorn, popsicles

Always check the label and ingredients for the nutrition facts. Limit the use of sugary beverages and foods. Replace the sweets and desserts with sweet fruits of course. Create products with less added sugars at home.

Cut Out Added Sugars #infographic

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