Is Nanotechnology The Future of Medicine ? #infographic

Is Nanotechnology The Future of Medicine ? #infographic

Is applied science the long run Of Medicine?
By 2024, the worldwide marketplace for nanotech can exceed $125B
By 2025, the worldwide sensible pill market can reach $650M

Ingestible capsules containing sensors, cameras, and additional area unit already dynamic  the face of drugs

Smart Pills
In 2001, the ingestible camera became the primary federal agency approved sensible pill
By 2008, PillCams had been employed in quite a pair of million procedures
Vibrant Capsule
Vibrating capsules promote muscle contractions to jumpstart digestion
Effectively treats constipation while not laxatives, or any major aspect effects
Dose chase Pills
Each pill contains a device that relays knowledge through a patch worn by the patient
App tracks drug, dosage, and time 一 log may be shared with doctors et al.

Treatment non-adherence prices up to $290B within the U.S.A. alone
Smart pills may improve drug adherence and patient outcomes
BUT, chase Raises moral considerations
Patients may feel coerced into taking medication they don’t need or pressured to share personal knowledge with doctors and caregivers

Currently oversubscribed as Abilify MyCite for those with psychosis, United Nations agency might feel chase confirms delusions of ill-usage
In the future, advanced sensible pills may offer new insights and treatment choices
Atmo Gas Capsule
A semipermeable membrane permits gases to enter the capsule
Sensors observe levels of element, hydrogen, and CO2
Oxygen levels enable researchers to pinpoint the capsule’s location
Hydrogen and dioxide provide scientists valuable knowledge concerning the gut’s microbiome..

Is Nanotechnology The Future of Medicine ? #infographic

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