The Best Countries For Female Workers #infographic

The Best Countries For Female Workers #infographic

The u. s. contains a important distinction, that has scored simply sixty one.1, putting it in twenty third place. Since 2000, Luxembourg and Republic of Poland have magnified the index most, and through that point, Portugal, the u. s. and Republic of Austria have born most.

PwC aforesaid that the expansion of women's jobs all told OECD countries would bring tremendous economic advantages. The US, as an example, can raise the economy by $1.8 trillion to equal Sweden's ladies employment levels. The accumulative growth in gross domestic product would be quite $6 trillion if all OECD countries were to imitate Kingdom of Sweden.

 PwC has revealed its annual ranking of women's direction and security at add thirty three OECD countries within the run-up to International Women's Day. variety of measures like truthful pay, women's ability to realize jobs and job security was taken in 2017 within the ladies in Work Index 2019. For women staff with Associate in Nursing index score of seventy nine.

1 Iceland was named Best developed Country. The second was Kingdom of Sweden seventy six.1, whereas the highest 3 were completed by New Sjaelland seventy three.6. Skandinavian countries have taken 5 of the top-10 positions whereas the most important economies within the world square measure English-speaking. The uk placed thirteenth in eleventh place.

The Best Countries For Female Workers #infographic

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