Leniency of Marijuana Use By State #infographic

Leniency of Marijuana Use By State #infographic

When seeking new employment, it’s fairly common for job candidates to endure pre-employment drug screening. though some states have totally legalized marijuana, it’s crucial to grasp the rules on victimisation marijuana before, during, or at work. Nearly 1/2 marijuana users in legalized states admit to victimisation cannabis at or before work, and seventy fifth say being high improves their work performance.

Regarding state leniency, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, Alaska, and a number of other others ar among the simplest states to use marijuana in. On the opposite hand; SD and Iowa ar among the strictest states. funnily enough, several corporations don’t check for marijuana, though drug testing limitations do exist.

Along this subject, states ar even ban pre-employment drug testing for marijuana; with the exception for first-responder positions like firefighters, cops, and medical professionals. Keep reading below for additional info regarding the longer term of marijuana and work, legal drug testing limitations for employers to abide by, and a full list of the simplest and worst states for marijuana leniency.

Leniency of Marijuana Use By State #infographic

Source: www.usdrugtestcenters.com
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