Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace #infographic

Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace #infographic

Drug abusers within the geographical point cause international employers billions of bucks annually. Recent study show unsupportive results concerning the trending dirty drug use by staff. Use of the illicit substance or misuse of drug, alcohol, marijuana or alternative medicine is named substance abuse. Employers have issues regarding substance abuse stem from the ways in which it alters work behavior, inflicting enlarged timing and absence, lower productivity, a better rate of mistakes and a lot of industrial accidents.

It additionally causes antagonistic behavior of staff that results in geographical point violence. in keeping with the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug data (NCDA), in U.S k lost to corporations causes because of drug abuse up to one hundred billion a year.

Therefore, employers area unit wanting forward to lowering the value and increase in productivity by keeping their staff in superintendence. Let’s take a glance at the info-graphics of the hazards of substance abuse within the geographical point and the way employers will get eliminate it.

Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace #infographic

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