The Evolution of the Joker #infographic

The Evolution of the Joker #infographic

2019 Upgrade: We brought the infographic current to incorporate Joaquin Phoenix within The Joker, and filled in numerous appearances since Suicide Squad. No superhero and supervillain team encapsulate the unceasing battle of great and fiendish superior than Batman and the Joker. Where Batman encapsulates justice, order, and all that's great, The Joker is the embodiment of fiendish, political agitation, and chaos.

The Joker and Batman have been going at it since the 1940s, and will proceed to do so for the predictable future. His root within the genuine world is as puzzling because it is within the comics, with three distinctive men claiming to have had shifting degrees of responsibility in making him. A character that was implied to be a one-off appearance in the long run advanced into one of the foremost recognizable scalawags in prevalent culture.

The Evolution of the Joker #infographic

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