Turkish Lira Chronicles #infographic

Turkish Lira Chronicles #infographic

An Istanbul court on May 7 sentenced Cansu Pişkin, a columnist for the radical day by day Evrensel, to 10 months in jail for "making a target of a gracious hireling for fear based oppressor organizations," the tv news site Medyascope reported. The court suspended Pişkin's sentence excepting a rehashed offense within the following five a long time.

 Pişkin had, in a news article, included the title of a prosecutor included in a case against a gather of college understudies who had challenged Turkey's military activity in Syria in 2018. Pişkin pleaded not blameworthy at the ultimate hearing.

Her defense team said their client did not proposed to create the prosecutor a target by counting his title within the piece, indicating out that the prosecutor's title had been included in other news articles as well.

Turkish Lira Chronicles #infographic

infographic by: www.orbex.com

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