How to Be Happy at Work #infographic

How to Be Happy at Work

With people spending more time at work than ever, happiness in the workplace is becoming increasingly important and something needs to be taken seriously. A lot of the time employees can get stuck in a rut, looking at the big picture of making money and lose sight of the things that help to keep them comfortable and happy on a daily basis.

 One study found that only 50% of UK workers that were surveyed said that they were satisfied with their job. If you think you fall into that unsatisfied group, here are some tips on how you can start being happier at work.

 In a study that took place in 2017 researchers found that the American workers they surveyed said that the most important factors in their job satisfaction were things like appropriate compensation, trusting their peers and management, workplace safety, using their knowledge and skills, and job security.

How to Be Happy at Work #infographic

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